Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lola Sees Stars

This whole post is dedicated to my friend's cute and quirky enterprise! If any of you saw my Facebook yesterday then you will already have heard a little about Lola Sees Stars. The brainchild of my fab friend in Bath, you can get bespoke jewellery, trinkets and prints exclusively from Etsy. My current favourites are the romance-novel bracelet (above) and Wonderwoman comic cuff (below).

Lola See Stars covers everything kitsch, from Japanese stamp collections to sushi rings to map-print brooches and murder-mystery cufflinks. I love the little sushi rings - so different and they definitely complete an outfit. Completely bespoke, you're never going to get caught out matching a friend.

Love vintage? You can get brilliant vintage bead necklaces from Lola Sees Stars too!

I also have a major love for her prints. Infamous for her unusual photography of Bath and its surroundings, you can also order these prints from her Etsy store. I'm loving these two - one gothic print and the other a sepia print of Bath in the snow.

So. If you love these as much as I do, check out her Facebook page and find her here on Etsy. You know what to do!

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