Thursday, 9 September 2010

For Hire

If you haven't bought your copy of Look magazine yet, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Pop down to the local newsagents and buy it RIGHT NOW. Then, for a bit of a treat, turn to page 110 for the best bit...
That's right... you can HIRE a designer wardrobe!
I couldn't believe my eyes, so scooted on over to the websites to make sure. And, before my very eyes, there it was...

Pass me the Louboutins!

Look recommends: Check out these websites, as recommended by the fashion-savvy pack at Look magazine:
Girl Meets Dress for all the designer clothes at your fingertips
Cinderella-Me for every shoe, from Louboutin to Jimmy Choo
Fashion Hire for bags for every occasion!
My Celebrity Dress to dress like your fave celeb.

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