Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pick of the Day

They first appeared on Chanel's catwalk. And now they're everywhere. Clogs! How something that should be so dumpy can be so chic, can only be down to Chanel. The favourites on the highstreet right now are these Topshop slingbacks for £80. Whatever you do, don't miss out! Get your Topshop pair, or splash out a whopping £850 and get the real Chanel deal. It doesn't matter what you wear them with, just don't be seen without a pair this summer...


  1. Hi Fashionista,

    Can you answer this tricky fashion/etiquette questions? It's pretty well-known that wearing white to a wedding is a no-no, but what about white accesories? I have a pale pink dress and a little white shrug - is that acceptable, and will it look good together?

    Thanks, Caroline x

  2. White accessories are fine! The trick is never to upstage the bride! Pale pink is perfect for a spring/summer wedding and a white shurg over the top is great for chilly evenings. It sounds fantastic! I will have to see photos! (P.S. Remember pale dresses and red wine DON'T go together!)

  3. Thanks! Check out my blog for photos of the outfit. My other commenters disagree, but I'm going to take your advice and go with it.