Friday, 23 April 2010

I Heart Accessorize

Now, those who know me, already know my love for bags overcomes anything and everything.
For those who don't know me... my love for bags overcomes anything and everything!

I love shoes. I love clothes. I love jewellery. And I definitely love make-up.

But I love nothing more than my bags.

There are very few places that are up to scratch for bags. My favourite gold box clutch, for example, comes from River Island, but I have very little love for the River Island logos stamped all over their bags normally, and don't often shop for bags there. But, Accessorize, I love.

I love it so much I get a fizzy feeling in my stomach as I enter the shop, knowing - just knowing - that I will come out with a brand new bag.

Now, you can imagine what heartbreak it is for me when a bag breaks. My trusted black bag of many years from H&M died on me as I was on a train platform, which is traumatic to say the least! Nevertheless, Accessorize came to my aid... And I found this beauty. Accessorize's Vivi Hobo bag... Big enough to escort my entire life around in it, and casual enough to go with most of my summer dresses. And at £32, it's not too expensive for Accessorize!

Vivi Multi-Pocket Buckle Hobo Bag

How could I say no?

Of course, I think I may have already decided the next lustworthy purchase...

Mexicana Floral Weekend Bag

It's so chic and definitely on trend for the summer's acid-brights. And just £37! Ideal for my weekends away with the girls.

Thank you Accessorize. I heart you.

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